If you are willing to invite me into the sacredness of your birth space, I want you to know why documenting your birth means so much to me and I want you to feel comfortable having me by your side, capturing the Essence of your Birth.

My name is Benedicte. I was taught at a young age how precious Life is. I had just turned 14 when my mom died. I realized then that  memories along with a few photographs were all I had left of her. When I became pregnant with my first child it hit me that memories of my own birth had vanished with my mom. 

With my first pregnancy, the idea of having a photographer in the room with us didn't cross my mind. I didn't know just how this day would rock my life. I didn't anticipate the extraordinary feeling of empowerment that flooded my body and soul as I held him in complete disbelief. And so I only have a few Iphone photos of my son's birth.

With my second child I was craving a birth photographer. I wanted to be able to hold tangible memories of this powerful time in our lives. I couldn't find one and ended up handing my camera to my husband stressing him to capture as much as he could. He did a pretty good job, but is nowhere to be seen on these photos.

I want to document this sacred time for you so that you can live on, knowing that this incredibly powerful moment will forever be part of your family visual record.