Truth: I didn't love being pregnant! Well I loved growing a Life, I didn't mind my changing body and I absolutely loved the kicks and connection I felt with my babies. But my hormones. Oh my hormones! 

I am a power Libra (Sun & rising and a few extra planets hanging there) and usually love socializing and meeting new people but during my pregnancies all I wanted to do was hide. Retire from the social world. My brain couldn't take all the outside clutter. It was like I went from being a super Libra to a super Scorpio going deep in the waters of my subconscious overnight. My Cancer Moon took over, I was becoming a Mother and I couldn't care less about attending parties. I embraced it all, didn't feel like I had to apologize to anyone for being in a different state of mind during my own journey towards Motherhood but sometimes people around you just don't get it and can't help but think something is wrong with you. Sometimes they may even think that they need  to advice you how to live your own pregnancy.

But here's what I learned: our instinct as Mothers is intensely powerful. Our heart knows. Our bodies change, our hormones may be riding some giant roller-coasters, letting us feel clueless at times, we may not feel comfortable with our temporary new-self but it's all there for a reason. We are not just one anymore. Another heart is literally beating along ours, a soul is growing inside and is inviting us to slow down and listen to our intuition. All the hormonal changes were a wild ride for me and I didn't really want to have it documented at times. 

But now that I get to witness through my lens the amazingness of maternity, now that I get to listen to other pregnant women, to hear their story with no filter, from the one who loves her pregnant body to the one who feels uncomfortable, I get to reflect on my own journey and realize that even though I didn't love being pregnant, my pregnancies helped reveal some of my most hidden treasures, they taught me to stand up strong and fierce for myself, to connect deeper and to trust. Forever trust my instinct. 

At the end, it really all goes as fast as the blink of an eye and I sometimes wish I could feel those kicks again and let all my vulnerability out without the need to apologize for it.

All I want to say to the woman expecting a baby is to be unapologetic of her raw and authentic self. Surrender and surround yourself with your non-judgmental tribe. You are a Queen.